What does it mean „networking”? It means thematic collaboration/cooperation between partners. It also means saving money, time and having efficient communication. Further advantages for network partners are: no obligations, no paperwork, no participation fee. It provides easily access to international projects, programmes and promoting international programmes events in the most efficient way and not just only online.

International Network of Sport and Health Science (INSHS) is a perfect egzample for a good operating higher education thematic network. It has been established in 2005 by the Institute of Sport Science of University of West- Hungary (former Berzsenyi College) Szombathely (Hungary). So far INSHS had partners from 41 partner institutions from 28 countries. The number of participant institutions are growing year to year. The partners are faculties, institutes, departments of HEI’s which are involved in sport and health sciences. INSHS in partnerships with other international networks (Euro- American) as well.

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The strategic goals of INSHS

  1. Improving any kind of academic and professional cooperation/collaboration activities among colleagues from the partner higher education institutions (HEi’s) and organsiations/networks on the field of sport science(kinesiology).
  2. Enabling formal project partnerships in areas or disciplines that are shared by different members of the network.

Fields of cooperation

The success of INSHS is marked by many thriving top level organized events, scientific projects international study programmes, student and staff activities over the last eight years. The representatives from the different university faculties /schools and institutions became not just colleagues, but also friends. The challenge of our network is to get more acknowledgement and popularity all over the world and to improve the effectiveness of co-operation between the partners.

INSHS is an open, innovative network on the field of sport and health science for individual partners (colleagues, academic staff, researchers, experts) from different universities, organisations and networks It is not an assotiation/organisation, it could be described rather as a professional community of academics who help each other at their international activities, collaborations.

INSHS starts a new era in 2016 for INSHS. Our network has a new coordinator ( Prof.Joel Gaillard) and management (Dr. Tomas Vespalec, Dr Henriette Dancs, Natalija Babic).