What does it mean „networking”? It means thematic collaboration/cooperation between partners. It also means saving money, time and having efficient communication. Further advantages for network partners are: no obligations, no paperwork, no participation fee. It provides easily access to international projects, programmes and promoting international programmes events in the most efficient way and not just only online. More...

New era - changes

INSHS starts a new era from the 1st Jauary 2017. Our thematic network will became a registered (in France) organization.

Conditions of membership for institues and individuals

  1. Attendance on INSHS related events: Students/researchers/academic staff/admin staff of every member universities should always (without exception) attended to INSHS related events (which organized of one of the INSH member universities and/or sponsors/supporter ) and keep an eye out of new announcements. More...

  2. Social media activity: INSHS members universities or independent individuals organized events, projects, programmes, publications and other professional information and announcement should be posted onto the INSHS FB account (min 1 post/month/individual member or Faculties/Institutes).

  3. Convention attendance: Each independent and university INSHS member must attend on the yearly INSHS Convention and Workshop.

  4. Promotion of INSHS: Should first and foremost promote INSHS association and/or Network though their professional contacts and web platforms, events, publications, events.

  5. Recruiting new INSHS partners: Wherever possible support projects that are organised on a regional/national/international basis in an attempt to bring them into contact with the Network members.

  6. Reviewing duties: Independent members, and members of faculties of INSHS universities, undertake reviewing duties on a voluntary basis at SPARK and JHSE and "Recent Developments in Sport Science” – the INSHS published Sport Scientific yearly 2 volume ( Spring/Autumn).

  7. Support of management: by providing innovative, creative ideas and any type of intellectual or financial to make INSHS an expansive professional global organisation/network.

SportProfNet FB


The strategic goals of INSHS

  1. Improving academic and professional cooperation/collaboration activities among colleagues and higher education institutions (HEi’s) and organsiations/networks on the field of sport science (kinesiology).
  2. Enabling formal project partnerships in areas or disciplines that are shared by different members of the network.
  3. To provide useful information for students, academics, researchers ont he filed of sport science.
  4. To enlighten future generations to international mobility and encourage students to participate to internationals events.

Fields of cooperation